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Community blog The use of umbrella brands can be a problem, for example in the pharmaceutical industry. According to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, activities combining several products under one brand may lead to the wrong use of these preparations. As a consequence, this may mean negative effects on the patient’s health. Is the implementation of an umbrella brand always beneficial? An undoubte advantage of the umbrella brand is that all marketing resources are focuse on supporting the entire “umbrella”, all products under the given brand.

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On the other hand, it may also be a limitation in marketing communication. Why? Because when receiving the sent messages, customers relate them to the entire group of products or services offere. With the help of umbrella brands, it is much database easier to build the loyalty of customers who are use to a certain quality. This target group is more likely to be tempte by novelties signe with a popular brand. In addition, regular customers will not feel the nee to experiment in search of substitutes at the competition. If we want each offere product to have a separate and distinct identity, the umbrella brand strategy will absolutely not work.


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However, if our brand is a company, and its value is the diversity of the offer – creating an umbrella brand will be the most effective and effective way to conquer the hearts and wallets of the target group. The umbrella brand is also an ideal idea HK Lists for family businesses to function on the market, when all products can be signe with one name. The umbrella brand strategy is also not a way to create leaders in specialize categories, so if your product is innovative in some way and clearly stands out from the competition, it is better to create a separate brand for it, instead of covering it with an “umbrella” under which other products are hidden. Community blog When deciding to build an umbrella brand, you should remember one thing.


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