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Often it is also photos, quotes and entire brochures devote to this one person. If you really identify a persona in detail, they will be an inexhaustible source of inspiration when you decide to launch a product , new channels of marketing communication or any other bold move. Benefits of creating a persona Note that creating a persona will also make it much easier for you to react during crises. If it is an image crisis, you will avert it, because you know exactly what outrages your customers. If you’re having trouble making a profit, all you nee to do is refer to a persona.

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It may turn out that your “typical customer” has recently change habits, is crazy about a new brand on the market or has revise his views. If you didn’t get to know him well first by creating a persona, getting to the reasons would be much more database difficult. Customer path Want to design a customer journey or sales funnel? Then you nee to create a persona first. This is really half the battle – later, all you nee to do is choose a message for such a “typical customer”. Many companies create several sales pages, each aime at attracting a different customer.


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Creating a persona allows them to preict who the buyer is and segment the market . In a similar way, you can reach different people with targete ads in social meia. We recommend Customer journey: what is it and how to create it? Are you intereste in personalize marketing or customer satisfaction index? In that case, you must first invest time in HK Lists creating a persona to whom you will direct this message. Good marketing or content strategies are create on the basis of a brief. Copywriters, graphic designers and photographers admit that a precisely describe customer persona in such materials allows you to create a better message. It makes it easier to “get into” the client’s situation and “get in his shoes”, and thanks to this, tailor-made text or graphics are create.


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