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Another type of sub-brand concerns a situation where the parent company produces items at a price level significantly different from that of the sub-brand. And so: a delicatessen can create a sub-brand of cheap food, and a supermarket a private label that includes Premium products from the manufacturer’s portfolio. In which industries is it profitable to create a sub-brand? Consumers who trust a given brand are willing to buy almost every product with its logo. However, it is important to remember not to exaggerate with the introduction of further subsidiary brands and not to artificially expand the portfolio, so as not to “dilute” the already establishe brand identity.

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The strategy of sub-brands, subsidiary brands, should be applie in industries where the entry threshold for debuting entities is significantly more difficult, where competition is numerous and strong. Where it is much more difficult to stand out with phone number list physical features, functionalities or price, the strength of the logo and the “family” of a given product come to the fore. They are a guarantee of a certain quality and a promise made. It is worth investing in sub-brands where the main brand cannot reach everyone. Subsidiary brands then begin to attract the attention of other customers who have not found anything for themselves in the company’s portfolio so far.

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The average Fortune 1000 company manages a portfolio of over 200 brands. At one time, Nestle manage as many as 8,000 brands, but only 200 of them made a real and significant profit. We meet sub-brands most often in the food, clothing, cosmetics, electronics and telecellular industries. Recently, the introduction of sub-brands in HK Lists the automotive industry is becoming more and more popular – car manufacturers release electric models as separate sub-brands. The development of the Internet has also contribute to the development of sub-brands, which appear in the form of digital versions of the products or services offere so far.


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