without attempting new experiments

Human beings who write for human beings and know. How to talk to search engines too. These are the editors of common . We assure you that no artificial intelligence was harmed to write this article.) blogging strategy 3. Implement content (innovate) in addition to keyword stuffing. Now considered an unforgivable mistake. There are many other mistakes that can be made and which have long-term consequences on the authority of a company and its online presence.


For example, do not renew your editorial plan and always

remain identical to yourself,  . It can be really counterproductive. Your readers and users always have new needs! Remember to guide them VP Facility Managers Email Lists in navigation and actions, through always clear and precise CTA ( call to action ), but above all offer value and knowledge. You will be rewarded with the quality of loyalty of a user who knows they can trust, with whom you will have created a bond, as well as the desire for a sale or a conversion.


Answer questions from your audience , even changing

C Level Executive List

the type of content if necessary. Perhaps the blog article is not enough, have you ever thought about switching to Instagram Stories ? Get ready because Google has also launched its stories and soon this channel will also become a very valid bridge to build fruitful relationships with your audience. 4. Monitor (and refine strategy) Like a HK Lists virtuous circle, point 4, the last step of the content Strategy to improve your blog, becomes the starting. Point to start again. When your content is online. Optimized and implemented with all the right tricks to make it work at its best. You need to check what real performance they get. Data is a gold mine. Because it allows you to concretely find out who receives your blog articles. Which ones work and which ones don’t. How much they are shared and.


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