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On the other hand, have a considerable SEO relevance such as the aforementioned loading speed. This is why, more or less directly, the bounce rate is a metric that has to do with site positioning on search engines. Improve your site and write quality content Optimizing your site and curating your content are two key aspects to improving your bounce rate. If you want to make your website perform better and work on your conversion rate, contact us for a preliminary consultation. Content marketing.



How to find content ideas Elisa CAPA Tuesday, December

Social networks! Do you remember how your mind worked before the advent of social networks? And before that, when we had 56k internet? It was a time when digital content hadn’t caught on yet, at least not like now. We are now inundated with videos , articles COO Email List memes , stories , constantly immersed in a dense and articulated flow of information, so much so as to push experts to give a name to this phenomenon: info emic . In this article we will answer four questions: Why create digital content.



How to find content for the blog? Where to find

Content ideas? Come fare content curation Content marketing: why create digital content The high frequency and quantity of contents is due to several reasons that push towards the continuous production. The contents on blogs and social media allow you to achieve various HK Lists  marketing and communication objectives, are able to increase the authority of the brand in the eyes of the public and are one of the best elements for optimizing the SEO strategy . Their communicative and strategic relevance is vital, therefore there are figures who deal exclusively and specialized in the implementation of strategies for the production of content aimed at specific objectives.


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