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Theoretically, the right equipment is enough to conduct the test. But what’s the use of an eyetracker if we can’t interpret the results correctly, let alone implement the desire changes? To take full advantage of the possibilities offere by eyetracking research, you nee a team of experts who will be able to transfer the results of the analysis to the project. Usually, 8 to 10 respondents are invite to conduct qualitative research, and more than 30 to quantitative research. Where can eye-tracking research be use? We present some examples.

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We recommend Quantitative and qualitative research – evolution over the century An even better website Eyetracking research can be use already at the stage of designing and creating websites (but as we mentione – only in its very advance stage!). It is a bit like working in the UX ( user experience ) area and allows you to adjust the graphic Latest Mailing Database design, build a functional interface or check how intuitive it is to navigate the website. During testing, you can check the paths that the user follows on the website, determine the perception of navigation buttons or check the recognizability of icons. We recommend Plan the stages of the sales process step by step.

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Advertising tailore to the recipient Eye-tracking is also use in the process of creating advertisements. It allows you to match them to the recipient, and thus leads to more interactions. Eyetracking can be use for advertisements presente in the form HK Lists of clips and images that will appear on television, social meia or on the website. Thanks to the study, the type of advertisement, the arrangement of text and graphics are determine. The most attractive places for its placement are selecte, and even the effectiveness of individual messages is determine. The products, or rather the packaging , that they sell As consumers, we are aware that attractive packaging can determine the purchase of a particular product.


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