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to the trend of stories and equipped

for multiple uses, with remarkable effectiveness in terms of engagement and visibility. But to make the strategy work best, it would be advisable to think about how to exploit stories on Facebook and Instagram in a different way, depending on the target that follows us on individual social networks. Each channel has its own audience, and it’s best to tailor content production to their preferences. Stories on LinkedIn

Even the social network designed to put professionals online had to adapt

itself with an editor to create them from mobile, via app. In the top section of the Home , the profile photo appears on the left with the + symbol. Press to access the story creation function . You can share both photos and videos, previously Bulk SMS Bahrain saved or made on the spot. Those who manage company pages will see the logo of the pages of which they are the administrator next to their profile photo , and will therefore be able to use this function to promote their business.

For example, every time we share an article on our LinkedIn profile

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we take care to also share a story in which we report the content just proposed. Through Call to action- style graphics and text, we try to reach as many users as possible. instagram feed posts Create a story on Linkedin: how to do it The creation of a new story starting from the LinkedIn app works according to dynamics very similar to those illustrated HK Lists so far for the other two social networks. On LinkedIn, you can: attach an image attach videos up to 20 seconds long mute videos attached to the story enter a text insert stickers enter the publication time only mention profiles in your network within the third degree of connection, you cannot mention pages The stickers are not as numerous as those offered by Instagram, but they are still there and make the content more captivating. Even for the text, there isn’t


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