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Google and increases visits to your website. A wrong link acquisition activity can penalize the entire site. Forcing you in the most extreme cases to have to change domain because the penalty. It is not recoverable in a short time. It is therefore essential to rely on expert link. Builders and sea specialists to pack the best and unique strategy. For your website: you can find all this with us. If you want to know more. Request a consultation now . Photo credits: unsplash.Com. Zedonk machaca published on. Wednesday, 13 January 2021 . Categories.



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C Level Executive List

In Rome, made up of digital marketing and copywriting specialists. Storytelling: what it is and what it isn’t with 3 concrete examples Elisa Capac Monday, February 8, 2021 storytelling definition Share on your social networks! Storytelling. There HK Lists is a need to explain what storytelling is . Alas, yes. This magic word used and abused in the last decade, used as a condiment for any pseudo recipe of digital marketing and brand communication and promotion both online and offline, is actually still an unclear word. Many, too many, have misunderstood its meaning. Few, the best, have grasped it and have.


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