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Because the latter can be a channel, a strategy for creating content . Anyone who wants to delve into this aspect must necessarily go through the manuals written by Andrea Fontana , who has always been involved in corporate storytelling , and with exceptional results. And he can start from this book, incisive, compact, effective. 5. The imagined word. Theory, technique and practice of Annamaria Testa’s work as a copywriter Another institution for Italian copywriting is Annamaria Testa, one of the most authoritative voices in advertising.



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strategies step by step , touching on all the essential points to be able to hit the mark. A nice contribution for copywriters who work in advertising agencies or within medium-large companies. 6. The idea writers by Teressa Izzie If you’re fluent in English, you could tap into this inexhaustible source of wisdom. The idea writer is a very Software Managers Email Lists accurate essay that delves into the meanders of the technique. Among the copywriting manuals it is certainly one of the most specific and detailed. Inside you will find precise information on how to write a headline but also on how to formulate an effective WhatsApp message . In short, a versatile and useful title practically always. 7.



Ann Handley’s New Rules of Writing This series of Hoopla

books dedicated to the digital world and new marketing trends churns out one masterpiece after another. They are all titles that cannot be missing in the library of web professionals . In this case we are talking about content strategy .  best seller , explains how to set up a winning strategy by sharpening the tip of your writing. 8. Scripted HK Lists volant by Paolo Iabichino Do you know who Paolo Iabichino is ? No, it’s not a question, but if once again you find yourself unprepared, maybe it’s time to really buy all these books on copywriting and fill in some gaps. Iabichino is the creative director of Ogilvy Italia (remember, we talked


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