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Media marketing is produced . Corresponds to a document which states. Content type specific characteristics of the contents frequency calendaring. In this phase we get to the heart of the production. Is it better to make two blog posts of 1200 words per month,. Or a one-minute video for social media. The type of content : video. Facebook post , blog article . Must be detailed in its characteristics: length  tone of voice and more.


How many times should it be produced per month? When

is it best to publish it? However,  agencies do: try to understand what the trends of the moment are . Our keyword is: update. We follow the social trends of 2021to try to build captivating content that rides the crest of the wave from the time VP Maintenance Email Lists of publication for many months to come. 2. SEO optimization of content (with creativity) Your editorial plan is ready. You did a great job. You have had many brilliant insights and you are sure that your articles for the company blog will be a success.


In addition to offering you our most sincere congratulations

C Level Executive List

we feel obliged to warn you that it may not be enough, indeed, it is not at all. Good ideas can arise in all minds, but they are successful when they are made visible. Visibility is the king goal of all brands, and one of the keys to achieving it is SEO . You’ve already heard and heard again that to get your site to the top of Google results you need to pay HK Lists attention to search engine optimization . We repeat: without SEO there is no hope. But in order not to risk a boomerang effect it is useful to know how to do SEO optimization with creativity ; exploit the potential of the semantic web to use the right keywording the right amount without giving up an authentic, original and pleasant tone of voice.


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