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Yourself that no, we don’t tell lies. And so we hope it will really be as the 2021 social trend claims : no fake news. 10. More awareness for all They’re already calling it the Alpha generation , it’s about the target that is about to become the largest slice of the public. A target capable, through its own social awareness , of directing and modifying the choices of brands (and not only of politics and society ). Brands can already do their best by including topics such as inclusiveness, justice.



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They have values ​​beyond those of  to the business. Where Real Beauty by now it has made school, helping to raise awareness on the treatment of psychological discomfort linked to image and behavior disorders. Social media managers and Administration Directors Email Lists content creators will also be responsible for spreading more ethical communication. Common also moves in this direction, and soon we will tell you some beautiful stories to which we are particularly attached and which speak of the principles in which we believe. Keep following us. Everything is to be expected from this new year.


Let’s hope it’s perfect to start over and to keep growing

C Level Executive List

We wanted to have our say. Every day what we think we put into practice. The 4 essential points for a winning content strategy [2021] Elisa Capri Monday, December 7, 2020 content marketing strategy 2021 Share on your social networks! We look to the year ahead. Even in 2020, thanks to the much time spent at home, content continues to HK Lists be the main ingredient of successful content marketing strategies . But here we must immediately make a first distinction. What is the difference between content strategy and content marketing? Surely the two terms


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