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The bounce rate is extremely simple to calculate

Just divide the number of of your page on your site by the total number of sessions of the same. Rate = Total Page X Total Sessions x100 However, it is not necessary to calculate this data manually: on any web analytics tool (Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, Mateo etc.) you will be able to access a complete overview of the rate of your site and of each page, having a more detailed for analysis and evaluation.



What are the average rates? One of the most interesting questions

On this topic concerns the “ideal” rate that a website should have. Well, let’s start by defining some averages. According to GoRocketFuel’s report , the average rate hovers between 41 and 51%. However, this percentage could be higher or lower depending CEO Email Lists on the sector in which you operate and the nature of the website itself. Indeed, a research by Custom Media confirmed that different categories of websites respond to different logics when it comes to rates.



The average bounce rate of an e-commerce is in the

Range of 20-45% The average bounce rate of a B2B site goes up to 25-55% The average bounce rate of a landing page can be around 60-90% The bounce HK Lists rate of a blog reaches 65-90% As you can see, the factors that define the bounce rate are different and it is not always possible to establish a single reference value. In general, we can say that a good bounce rate does not exceed 40% on average.


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