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Storytelling Estrada tells the stories

Of adopted children in Brasilia Another type of storytelling that we hear a lot about lately, thanks to the numbers of the pandemic, is data storytelling . How do you tell stories through data and numbers? Surely the infographic is a very effective technique and tool in this sense. To represent an example of successful data storytelling, we have chosen the project conveyed by Estrada , a São Paulo newspaper, to tell the stories of children born in Brazil. Through the metaphor of flowers, made interactive by some interactive elements , it is possible to discover a myriad of information relating to the duration of the adoption.


The age of the child, the presence or absence of siblings and more

Rendered graphically through specific graphic elements that make up the flower. It is a navigable page that turns into an immersive experience . The fact that the user has to intervene to create an interaction with the narrative makes the story more R&D Directors Email Lists experienced and gives it a greater emotional impact . An extraordinary and virtuous case of data storytelling not strictly related to marketing. data storytelling examples Conclusion: what storytelling is not Our brief introduction, together with concrete examples.


Has allowed us to draw some hypothetical boundaries

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That help us understand what storytelling is. The practical examples confirmed the essential points and characteristics that can make storytelling concrete and above all effective. We just have to answer a simple but very useful question: what HK Lists is not storytelling ? Storytelling is not posting photos of your warehouse on Instagram, telling the story of the first restaurant opened by your grandfather without giving it a structure. Even if we are all potential storytellers, to tell well.


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