C Level Executive List

Precious teachings on how to

Content marketing strategies. Practical guide to creating content for social networks and blogs by Francesco De Nobili 1. Digital Copywriter: Think like a copywriter, act digitally by Diego Fontana In the world of digital marketing and especially copywriting there has been a lot of talk about this book. The reason is very simple. Surely it is the best synthesis between effective writing and the needs of the web, an aspect that makes it very current. As the title itself eloquently says, you can draw on the wisdom of hard-core copywriters (those who work in the field of advertising on traditional media ) but shoot your arrows into the online world. Diego Fontana explains how to do it. And he explains it well. 2. I work, therefore I write! By Luisa Carrara.



If you have decided to work as a copywriter you have most

likely come across the name of Luisa Carrara, if not, go behind the blackboard on your knees on chickpeas. Luisa Carrara is an institution in the field of writing , since 2003 she has been working as an editor and business writer , and on IT Directors Managers Email Lists her blog, The craft of writing (over 1500 articles) she has poured many of her writing processes between paper and digital , organizing textual communication in a creative and technically impeccable way.



This book is a manual, with many practical exercises for

any writing need. 3. Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy One name, one institution. We pass from Italy to America and we cannot fail to mention him, David Ogilvy , author of all the main quotes on copywriting , as well as an HK Lists unattainable advertising man. This is his autobiography , his theoretical and practical legacy, which should not escape established copyists who want to take a leap forward. 4. Company storytelling by Andrea Fontana If we talk about storytelling we are not necessarily talking about copywriting, but if we talk about copywriting we are most likely also talking about storytelling.


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