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Contact us and together we will taste the flavor of your next satisfaction, through the planning of an ad hoc content strategy . Featured image credits: DepositPhoto.com – belchonockTop 10 copywriting books you should read Elisa CAPA Monday, January 11, 2021 become a copywriter Share on your social networks! The copy does not live only on digital. Inside books on copywriting you can find this and much more.


Reading and training is the first rule, as well as a huge pleasure and an opportunity

for growth. Only by deepening knowledge on the subject can techniques be refined , because there is always something to learn. How to become a copywriter: books to read In this roundup of titles we will try to please everyone, those who are Bulk SMS Hong Kong trying to figure out how to become a copywriter , passing through already established professionals. Don’t think there is a time to stop and stop studying. That moment will never come, especially if you have chosen to work in this area. It’s only right that you know.


If you thought you’d find something that required the least amount


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of effort, you’d be better off heading into a career as a mattress tester. There is something to study here, but also great satisfaction . So let’s get down to it, here are the copywriting manuals and books on the subject suggested by Common : Digital Copywriter: Think like a copywriter, act digitally by Diego Fontana I work, therefore HK Lists I write! By Luisa Corrida Confessions of an Advertiser by David Ogilvy Company storytelling by Andrea Fontana The imagined word. Theory, technique and practice of Annamaria Testa’s work as a copywriter The idea writers by Teressa Izzo The New Rules of Writing by Ann Handley Volant script by Paolo Iabichino


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