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Content that is taken up by other sites as a source. Of useful information or insight. Here is a concrete example. The graph shown above, relating to the click-through-rate. Of google results from 1 to 10, is the result of a study done by Sastry . For google. It is essential that the links are natural .I.E. Inserted by the editors or by the owner of a website without manipulative. Intervention by the linked site. With the sole purpose of facilitating the user by offering him the best possible user experience. Spontaneity and naturalness will allow them to appreciateĀ  us or recommend us to friends and colleagues. Etc. For this reason.


Linking domain The presence of social signals, or social links

Alongside these general parameters, other more specific ones can be considered, linked to the content that is linked. Many link building experts believe that an important factor is the position of the link on the page : a link placed at the top and Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists in relief would give better results than a link placed at the bottom or in the footer. Instead, there is greater agreement on anchor text , a decisive element in link building,


In fact we tend to avoid the use of anchor text containing an exact

C Level Executive List

Match to the keyword for which we want to position ourselves. Strategies for link building: conclusions This guide has shown how important, and at the same time delicate, link building is for the organic performance of a site. If a good link building strategy improves organic positioning on the number of backlinks to the number of linking HK Lists domains of a website, therefore the rule has started to apply: 1 backlink = 1 domain = 1 vote Over the years, Google has constantly updated its algorithm, increasingly perfecting the mechanisms that allow the search engine to focus on the quality of the links , which is assessed on the basis of various.


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