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Optimize shots and perspectives

Specifics of the functioning of the three sections. It will seem like a dense and complex explanation. But if you follow the instructions with smartphone and app in hand. You’ll realize how intuitive the procedures for making. Stories on Instagram are, an aspect that ensured its success in a short time. 1. Structure: camera tools you are presented. With a bar on the left from which you can plan the. “Structure” of the story (actually from the settings wheel it is possible to move it to the right. From the camera tools section ). From the bar it is possible to activate the function.



Text Boomerang (captures a frame for a few seconds and loops

It back and forth) Layout (collage of photos to take or import) Multi-capture (sequence of multiple shots to be uploaded in succession) Level (inserts a grid to) Passport photo (simulates the flash-shot effect of the passport photo Risk Managers Email Lists Superzoom (a short burst video with different kinds of effects) Without holding (records a video without having to hold down the REC button in the center Once the content has been uploaded, it can be modified, switching to the options made available by the application: the filters, and the additional settings that enrich the stories. 2.



Filters Filters are a world apart. Probably the most captivating

And fun function, and at the same time one of those that can move users to create content capable of generating visibility for a brand. We recently talked about the story of one of the companies that produce augmented reality stories HK Lists hinting at the potential of the marketing point of view (you can retrieve the article here ). Companies go to great lengths to create filters that apply to faces in


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