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Only to have mobile ads for the same product appear soon after

Have you ever had the experience of talking about a specific product or service with someone, only to see ads for that exact thing pop up on your phone shortly after? Many people have reported this eerie coincidence, leading to the question: does your phone actually listen in on your conversations to target ads to you. The short answer is no, your phone is not actively listening to your conversations in order to serve you ads. However, there are some reasons why it might seem like it is. Firstly, many apps on your phone do request access to your microphone in order to function properly. For example, if you use voice commands to activate Siri or Google Assistant, or if you use a voice chat app like Skype or Zoom.

Those apps need access to your microphone

However, just because an app has access to your microphone does not. Mean that it is constantly listening and recording everything you Germany Phone Number List say. In fact, both iOS and Android have built-in privacy features that prevent apps from accessing your microphone without your explicit permission. On iOS, for example, an app can only access your microphone if you have granted it permission to do so in your settings. Similarly, on Android, you will see a notification whenever an app is using your microphone, so you can be aware of when it is being used. So why do we sometimes see ads for products that we’ve only spoken about and never searched for online.

Phone Number List

When you use the internet you leave a trail of data that can be used by

Advertisers to target you with ads that are relevant to your interests. For example, if you’ve been searching for information. About a HK Lists particular product online, or if you’ve been browsing websites that sell that product. Then it’s likely that you will see ads for that product on your phone. Even if you’ve never actually mentioned it out loud. Another possibility is that the ad you saw was simply a coincidence. With the sheer amount of data that is collected and analyzed by advertisers every day. It’s inevitable that sometimes ads will seem to be targeted at you even when they’re not. In conclusion. While it might feel like your phone is listening to your conversations.


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