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KarambolCountdown (countdown. Used before the start of an event. The app communicates the end with a reminder by activating a notification) style, content and interaction. Make the most of stories and these are just the main functions. In addition to these we point out the more institutional gifs. Such as the one that in this period promotes the choice of vaccination. (a sticker with a red flower plastered on and the writing Vacciniamoci! Plus the possibility. Emoticons and other items that are added with new implementations. In the text section you will find all the settings for editing. A text from an aesthetic point of view: color.

font , highlighting , superimposition mode . Thanks to these options

Instagram stories are a springboard for ideas that from an instantaneous and impromptu idea become a potential marketing tool , both purely promotional and content-based. Through the stories it is possible to reproduce “live” an important moment SMS Gateway Taiwan for the business: an event, a production process, or a customer experience (which can be re-shared). But stories can also serve as a megaphone for feed posts , relaunching them via stories can increase their reach .

It is estimated that now on Instagram the flow of views and content are

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This same article you’re reading will start to land on our personal feed and from the personal feed it will HK Lists bounce on stories, it’s an effective way to work in a capillary way and reach our audience in all directions ! Here’s an example. Instagram stories Create stories on Facebook We have dedicated ample space to explaining how to make stories on Instagram.


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