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And this precisely in order to avoid a wild. And uncritical acquisition that would end up not generating. Value for the user. Because this is the first goal of the google algorithm. ” help people find stuff “. And this is where a fundamental. Concept for link building comes in . The quality of the links . Search engines such as google have sophisticated analysis. Systems to understand if and in which ways web pages are connected. To each other, evaluating both the quantity. And quality of the links. The quality of the backlinks. The history of link building has had a significant. Evolution over time.


Especially in reference to the quality of the links. In this article

we have chosen to overlook the history before 2012. Before the update of the algorithm called Penguin , to increase the popularity and positioning of a site it was common to focus on the growth of the number of incoming links, the backlinks . the Sales Directors Email Lists content of the linked pages or even those linked to it, nor was any analysis of the linking site carried out: the only parameter was the number of links enjoyed by a domain or a page. Of course, a site could have thousands of backlinks from the same domain (eg footer link, sitewide).


In 2012, the Penguin update imposed a real revolution

C Level Executive List

Aimed at combating spam activities and countering the unfair purchase of links or exchanges between sites that had the sole objective of forcing the ranking of their pages by betting everything on quantity of backlinks and without taking into account how many and which domains the link originated from. With the introduction of Penguin the focus has HK Lists shifted from the number of backlinks to the number of linking domains of a website, therefore the rule has started to apply: 1 backlink = 1 domain = 1 vote Over the years, Google has constantly updated its algorithm, increasingly perfecting the mechanisms that allow the search engine to focus on the quality of the links , which is assessed on the basis of various.


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