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professional. How to create stories on Instagram: Structure Filters Style Style, Content, and Engagement: Making the Most of Stories Creating Stories on Facebook: Features of Facebook Stories LinkedIn Stories: Create a story on LinkedIn: how to do it Conclusions How to create stories on Instagram We begin this guide with a paragraph expressly dedicated to the social network that has made stories famous: Instagram.



This paragraph should contain a disclaimer : Warning! Making stories

on Instagram can be addictive.  of classic posts with text and images, stories offer a wide margin of freedom of use and creativity , thanks to Accounting Directors Email Lists  the multitude of possibilities for customizing many aspects. And we have fun. We explain how to make stories on Instagram from scratch . First step: on the Home section of the application.



in the upper band you will find a string with the highlighted

profiles of the people who have uploaded the stories (recognizable by the colored circle surrounding the users’ profile photo), the first to appear is yours profile. Hold down and you will see a drop-down menu appear : the first option corresponds to “ Add something to your story ”. Clicking on this option opens the story editor . And here comes the HK Lists beauty. Unleash your imagination! You can start by sharing content in real time between: Gallery photo Photos taken directly from the stories section Live videos Neutral background You can apply various creative functions to these contents . We can divide the various creative settings into three specific sections , which for convenience we will call like this: Structure.


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