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Links are a fundamental element for

And other search engines. Everyone knows that.  Positioning on google, but few know the methods. Of obtaining links on a regular basis. Without forcing the mechanisms underlying. The search engine algorithms. Yes, because an “Unruly” acquisition of incoming. Links could even lead to the penalization of a website. With harmful consequences for visibility and business. In this guide you will find out what link building. Is and how to best use this particular digital. PRs technique to the advantage of your site and your business. Link building: a definition from a literal point of view.


Link building is a practice that consists in building a series

Of links between one site and the others. Links are the very basis of the internet, which it is no coincidence that it is often defined as a “network”, with reference precisely to the interweaving created by links: search engines constantly Training Directors Email Lists scan the immense and ever-growing network of domains and the links can be seen as real connections between one site and another. Google’s algorithm uses links to work properly and provide users with the answers they are looking for when they query the search engine.

It is Google itself who explains, through the voice of it

C Level Executive List

Employees, that “links are usually editorial votes given by choice, and the more useful your content is, the more likely it will be that another user will consider it valid for their readers and insert a link to them”. Again: the greater the amount of links that a website can boast, the greater the chances there will be that Google will reward it with a HK Lists better ranking than its competitors. Even if quantity alone, as we will see, is not enough. It is essential that the links come from authoritative sites with high traffic and that Google deems the link between the two sites as natural as possible.


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