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Link building activity allows you

brand and establish yourself as an authoritative source within your target niche; to create relationships with sites and media , expanding your networking for possible future activities and establishing links with insiders in your sector. Google click through rate based on ranking Google click through rate based on ranking from 1 to 10 – Source Sitix How to do link building Now let’s move on to practice, because link building is a very technical SEO activity, the most important optimization activity with regards to off-page SEO .

Link building therefore means implementing a strategic activity that has

The objective of increasing the number of incoming links to a website, so that the domain gains greater authority in the eyes of the search engine, which in turn will reward it by giving it a better organic ranking on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). All of this will capture more clicks from organic users than sites that are lower in Google Bulk SMS Portugal results, as shown in the graph above. Google will evaluate, in addition to the quantity, also the origin, quality, nature, relevance and relevance of the links and the site that hosts them, all factors that have a weight in terms of ranking. Backlink analysis

To implement an effective link building strategy it is essential

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To analyze the reliability of the sites from which the link comes. These sites must have a history, therefore be free of penalties and have good reliability, which distinguishes them from sites born only to host guest posts and push the positioning HK Lists of other sites or from networks built only for the exchange of links (which Google evaluates negatively). The linked site could therefore obtain an improvement on search engines, or on the contrary a penalty or no benefit, based on the quality of the site from which the links start. There are several SEO tools to evaluate the quality.


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