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let’s suppose you have started a paid campaign

This factor greatly affects the bounce rate, especially if you have a local business. Suppose you have a restaurant on the Lazio coast: it is unlikely that a user who lives in Trento will be able to make a reservation, unless he is nearby for a holiday. Why are people leaving your site without taking any action? For a variety of reasons, a visitor may “bounce” away from your website. Let’s see some of them:



The page the user lands on is far from his expectations: For example,

On Google and created an ad to promote a 32-inch TV for less than 200 euros. The user who clicks expects to find exactly a 32-inch TV for less than 200 euros, but instead CIO and CTO Email Lists finds himself in front of a 65-inch TV costing a thousand euros. This disappointment of expectations can cause the user to leave without taking any action.



Poor mobile optimization: Some websites are not properly optimized

for mobile browsing. Due to the strong increase in people accessing the web from mobile and since Google prioritizes mobile devices (mobile first approach), your site must be optimized for this type of traffic. A site with a good design but with high loading times from HK Lists smartphones does not perform its function correctly and pushes the user to look elsewhere for what he needs; The site is too difficult to understand: A good site is based on an excellent user experience and clear calls to action to address to the user. If these elements are missing,


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