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At the slightest hint of hesitation on the part of brand conduct . Fear can only be a functional condition if it puts us in a healthy and beneficial predisposition of attention, perception and concentration . If he warns us before a misstep, if we have the ability to discern when fear is founded and when it is unfounded. How to deal with the crisis online If we remain in the field of behavior and conduct,



The first step to take to approach a possible failure in a constructive

way is first of all to accept it, consider it part of the game can arise when you start a business. Turn your view of failure upside down. The second step is to look carefully and understand what are the results we want to achieve. And this step is essential for all companies General Manager Email Lists and especially for those that land online. It is part of the basis of a marketing strategy and also of digital marketing as a result. If failure knocks.


On your door let him in, he will surely have something to tell

You about the realism of your expectations , after the initial blow you can start working again by adjusting the shot. Remember only those who dare to fly fly, and those who have never dared have never failed but never flown either. How to manage the online crisis We have HK Lists dedicated the first paragraphs to dealing with the concept of crisis on the web in a generic way, because we believe that even in marketing , and also in the digital world , what ultimately makes the difference is the.


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