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In closing we will see two examples of online

Remember that the ideal is to always be ready. Exactly as it would be appropriate in the event of other types of emergencies . Even on social media there is a big risk. And everything that has been built over time risks collapsing. Taking the fruit of efforts and future possibilities with it.  Reputation. Management in times of crisis.



The first case concerns a slip by McDonalds and the second the

Virtuous recovery of a terrible situation by Pepsi. McDonalds social crisis Crisis on social networks: the case of McDonalds Using social media well is not the same as publishing posts and launching campaigns on the wave of sentiment. It is VP Risk Email List always better to think step by step about what is appropriate to spread, assessing that the message or the method used does not backfire. The case that hit McDonalds in 2012 is emblematic. The largest fast food company in the world was well-intentioned to promote the company in a participatory way, generating a lot of visibility.



To do this, he had chosen to use a hashtag , a useful element

For a strategy on more immediate social networks, such as Instagram and Twitter . With the hashtag #McDStories it aimed to involve users in telling and sharing their experiences on stories and in posts . And that’s exactly what happened. Millions of people have shared HK Lists their worst experiences: from customers to employees, everyone has had their say and spread their opinion, pointing the finger at practices for which McDonalds has often been at the center of the crosshairs. From the abuse of animals to the precarious working conditions faced by the workers. Hundreds of stories, some invented, some less so, have depopulated the web, which for days talked about nothing else.


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