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Here we want to tell you that promptly

Those who follow you. From this point of view. It is useful to work on the simulation of the crisis. Or to have a plan for the crisis. To be shown only in case of need. Sincerity and clarity if silence is not a strategy. Lying is even less so, on the contrary. It can aggravate already problematic starting circumstances. The same goes for trying to instill guilt in an audience. That has put an objectionable or objectionable. Issue at the center. Take responsibility and admit you made a mistake . Humanity and sincerity always win.



We can assure you. The crisis is not suffered, it is managed Give

The impression that you know exactly what’s going on. Don’t try to make amends clumsily, be cooperative and pro-active wherever possible. It may also be that by riding the crisis in a mature , decisive , committed way , you will come out regenerated. Don’t rule out this Canadian CFO Email Lists possibility. Respond simply and politely If among the first pieces of advice we said that it is a duty to respond promptly, not mean “in a hurry.


Whatever comes to mind”. Absolutely not. Respond with

kindness and calm (the virtue of the strong) and with calm and understandable tones (abandon the attitude of someone who speaks complicated because he wants to distance himself from the interlocutor , even with a certain arrogance). Remember education , this exceptional HK Lists virtue, more and more often forgotten today. Examples of crisis management on social media Taking the conduct of big brands as an example in the field of crisis management offers useful ideas for knowing how to orient yourself when the avalanche of bad reputation threatens to overwhelm us.


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