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The visitor may feel disoriented and leave the page. Try doing an a/b test. You can compare how users behave on two versions of the same page with different designs. And calls to action (cat). A/b testing means you’ll show one version to half of your visitors and the second. Version to the other half.



The results may tell you which page version keeps visitors

On your site more effectively and for a longer period of time; Poor and captivating design: If the site design is very appealing, the chances of abandonment Canadian CTO CIO Email List are higher. Do you have pages with text blocks that have a high bounce rate? Make the page more appealing and readable by using larger font sizes and whitespace.


Introduce subheadings to break up chunks of content, and opt for short

Easy-to-flow paragraphs. How to improve the bounce rate of a website? If you want to improve the bounce rate of your site, first of all we advise you to improve the user experience and study in depth the ideal navigation process for your visitor to do. For example, you should HK Lists know perfectly well what is the ideal path that a visitor should take, from landing on your site to taking the desired action. The second step is site optimization : sites that are too slow and heavy can discourage the user from taking action. We also advise you to structure the contents clearly.


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