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For obtaining backlinks and doing

It is also useful to differentiate the frequency. Of follow and no-follow links , which allow you to obtain a natural. Backlink profile and help develop referral traffic to the site. Citations are also very useful. I.E. Those references that may or may not contain links. Especially if they come from sites that google deems particularly authoritative. Another strategy for link building is also to use thematic. And vertical forums that deal with topics related to those covered on the site for which we are doing seo. Or the products sold on our e-commerce. Get backlinks naturally the safest strategy.  It in a useful and correct way, is the so-called link earning.



The spontaneous obtaining of links and citations in a natural way

Thanks to the production of quality content that is taken up by other sites as a source of useful information or insight. Here is a concrete example: the graph shown above, relating to the Click-through-rate of Google results Business Development Directors Email Lists from 1 to 10, is the result of a study done by Sastry . For Google, it is essential that the links are natural, i.e. inserted by the editors or by the owner of a website, without manipulative intervention by the linked site, with the sole purpose of facilitating the user by offering him the best possible user experience. Spontaneity and naturalness will allow them to appreciate our content, to come back to visit us or recommend us to friends and colleagues, etc. For this reason.



Any link building or link earning strategy cannot ignore content

C Level Executive List

Of high quality value for the user , the result of well-designed content marketing strategies, coordinated with the customer and in line with the business and visibility. Also for this reason our customers turn to us ( write us if you want to know HK Lists more!). What are the risks of link building? Search engine spiders scan the length and breadth of the web, both to increasingly improve the indexing and composition of the SERPs, and to identify domains that have tried to fraudulently change.


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