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Inform people who are really interested in staying. With you, but also to grow the base of future customers. Intrigued and fascinated by the story you will be able to tell about the places. The territory that hosts it and the services. You offer especially on social channels. There’s a way to do it right, and no, it’s not just. Taking pictures with a smartphone or fiddling. With sponsorships on Facebook. It takes method. Not improvisation. Think about what could happen if a carpenter. Were behind the reception trying to be a hotelier. What would be the result? Seriously. Let’s see together how to take the first steps to devise an effective digital strategy for hotels.


The power of the visual User generation content Offer free content

Create community Open a blog tourism digital marketing 1. The power of the visual We mentioned it just now . Images and videos within hotel marketing have a remarkable magnetic effect. What not all web agencies will tell you is that Compliance Directors Email Lists your visual identity, your visual, can be a double-edged sword. As? For example, choosing images and videos without coordinating the mood, without thinking about what atmosphere and.



If your target is young and fresh, smart and independent

C Level Executive List

, perhaps a tone that is too refined and formal is not suitable for the type of proposal they are looking for. Less glossy photos, authentic and colorful shots will have a positive effect on their desire to click Book Now. These tips are vital for a captivating narrative of your hotel. The main engine and the most effective promotional tool for hotels is HK Lists the ability to tell their stories, revealing the details of their identity. Have you ever thought of doing a storytelling through images, a narration of the room that allows the customer to feel already immersed in the atmosphere he will encounter? 2. User generation content Not just reviews. User-generated content is the biggest selling point for tourism promotion and marketing. We have also reported it within the social.


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