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Facebook is dead I’m Queen

Creation and highly personalized communication . We will go back to talking about tone of voice , about those concepts that make marketing a road where a heart beats and where the mind creates. Maybe going to see what the winning strategies of 2020 weren’t so wrong after all. (short summary: TikTok reigns, video like there’s no tomorrow, influencer marketing and maybe yes, there’s a new entry: much more augmented reality ). 8. Giants never give up:



Facebook and Instagram It has been rumored for some

time; Facebook is dead. If you hear him answering: yes, if  Elizabeth. Because the truth is that the big giants will be able to keep us company for a long time to come. This year the “ Social dilemma ” effect made itself felt, scratching the old Compliance Directors Email Lists enamel of Facebook and the big social networks as much as a petal flower could do. Emoticons hugging each other, social gaming, fighting fake news , social networks are more alive and responsive than ever. 9. Fight against fake news.


True story. We don’t like to begin by saying that “we

C Level Executive List

are on the side of the truth”. Right now anyone who deals with communication , and especially content marketing , must be able to do only one thing: their job. But he has to know how to do it well. And for us, good means doing research, fact HK Lists checking , analyzing sources and producing personalized , original but above all reliable content. We wrote this article by vertically probing different contributions. This is not a simple summary of the trends identified by Talkwalkerbut of our authentic interpretation. We have added many examples for this as well. Because if you want, you can verify for


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