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Effort of hunting and gathering

managed to translate it into successful storytelling strategies for their company or products. In this short article we will try to better clarify what storytelling is (and what it is not) but above all, we will offer concrete examples to learn how to exploit it to the advantage of our business. Storytelling: what it is Let’s start with the basics. Human beings have an inherent instinct to narrate and the need to listen to stories. Even before social media.


Digital media, even before print, all human beings met and

From the cave paintings resulting from the attempt to narrate the daily we can go back even further, when primitive peoples looked at the stars and reconstructed myths and legends starting from those mosaics made of bright dots in the PR Directors Email Lists sky: the stars. We are still made of that material that drives us to desire stories with which to give meaning to our lives, values ​​for our actions, motivations for our choices. And companies know this well, as do those who do content marketing (even if content marketing and storytelling are two very different things).


Storytelling: definition Without making too many amazing rounds of words

C Level Executive List

here is what storytelling is according to the simple but effective definition of the Tricaine dictionary : Storytelling, the art of writing or telling stories by capturing the attention and interest of the audience But how does storytelling become a corporate communication strategy ? When the company, and whoever is in charge of taking care HK Lists of brand communication , manages to build a story capable of moving the target through the tools of storytelling . Therefore it is of fundamental importance to understand that storytelling, within marketing and corporate communication, is not born as an attempt to


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