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Convince but as an attempt to involve

It doesn’t want to generate thoughts, but to arouse emotions . From a marketing point of view, this aspect is fundamental. After all, it is the emotions that move the purchasing decisions . The most “emotional” aspects of communication are those capable of capturing a user’s attention , of binding him to the brand in a lasting and profound way. Methods and styles can change, according to the preferences of the target and the personality of the company , but the core remains the stories, declined in videos.


Mages , texts , or in a cross-media way . To give substance to

This reflection and to the definition of storytelling, we will tell you about three different examples from very different sectors and developed on different channels. Storytelling marketing: Moline Bianco Between storytelling and vintage marketing Manufacturing Directors Email Lists Fairmont hotel Data Storytelling: the stories of adopted children in Brazil Storytelling marketing: Moline Bianco Moline Bianco is one of the most fitting examples of storytelling . The name of the brand has always been associated with very specific emotions and sensations.


So much so that the definition Mullion Bianco family enters

C Level Executive List

The common jargon as a synonym for “happy family”. Well done Molino Bianco! Now that means getting into people’s minds, being top of mind , i.e. on the top step of the Brand Awareness pyramid . The commercials of Antonio Banderas HK Lists in the guise of a miller immersed in a real mill (rebuilt to perfection) have been able to brilliantly communicate values ​​such as simplicity , genuineness and tradition , typical values ​​of the company since its inception.


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