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But conveyed with a style more contemporary and also on smarter channels (see YouTube). Another very valid example of how Molino Bianco is able to intercept trends and ride the “spirit” of our times are also the most recent videos, released by the historic brand in the last year. The narrative structure and storyline delicately follow the typical atmosphere of The Fabulous World of Amelie, a generational manifesto, was growing in the early 2000s.


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Thoughtful choice that directs communication in a precise way. Mullion Bianco knows who it wants to talk to and with what language to address that type of public. Here is one of the videos: Between storytelling and vintage marketing: Fairmont Hotel In an article published at the beginning of the year on our blog, we talked about social trends Media Directors Email Lists for 2021 , and vintage marketing is always in a position of respect, even this year. There are numerous examples, but among the ones we liked the most we would like to mention the storytelling campaign of the Fairmont Hotel, the historic hotel with the 1742 suite where Yoko.


Ono and John Lennon created the famous bed-in for peace

C Level Executive List

To celebrate this event Fairmont Hotel wanted to pay homage to customers with a visit inside the same suite, where using virtual reality viewers one could be catapulted back in time, directly to the Sixties. An opportunity to teller story that is part HK Lists of history , but not just any one, a specific narrative that also spreads values ​​of a certain impact: a flat no to war, a hymn to love and peace, a declaration of inclusiveness . Storytelling to the rhythm of rock , which is good for everyone: for customers, for the brand, for the whole world. Data.


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