C Level Executive List

carrying out an audit Identify the target

seven stars (yes, we grew up at the end of the fantastic eighties). The 4 essential points of a content strategy are the elements that characterize the practical aspects of the strategy . Attention, this means that this phase is usually preceded by another more theoretical one. If power is nothing without control, the practice of a strategy is nothing without analysis . [We swear it’s the last quote]. Now let’s get down to serious stuff. Cimon takes this approach.


It collects the brand’s request, its challenge Analyze the

reference sector and competitors,  and study the customer journey made by the user Determine the objectives (very important!) with the customer and select the metrics (KPI) to monitor Drafts the strategy and takes care of the execution Engineering Directors Email Lists Monitor the performance trend on the basis of the fixed KPIs What then, we work like this , but we hope it’s what everyone does. Because without careful reflection on these 4 steps you won’t go very far. It’s like tying the laces of two shoes together and then starting to walk.

There will be a disastrous fall. Let’s learn to tie one knot

C Level Executive List

at a time, to start running towards the finish line. Or even just walking, one step after another. Because before reaching the finish you have to go through the 4 stages of the content strategy , only then can you reach the last stage: the one in which you finally collect the results . And he rejoices. Here’s what they are: Create a content plan (updated) SEO optimization of content (with creativity) Implement content Monitor (and refine strategy) 1. Create a HK Lists Content Plan (Updated) Let’s start by revealing some secrets to you. This is the Cimon magic formula and, for now, handed down from success to success, it hasn’t failed yet. Based on what has been learned from the analysis, what is called an editorial plan for blogs and social.


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