C Level Executive List

Accurate information and more phygital

Marketing: talking is good The gaming goes with everything Marketing old school: don’t leave the old road for the new The giants never give up: Facebook and Instagram Fight against fake news. True story More awareness for everyone 1. Coronavirus and the 4 c. Community, Contactless, Compassion, Cleanliness . Community, no touch, compassion and hygiene. The pandemic will leave its mark and businesses will have to move towards more offline opportunities.

we refer you to this video for a concrete example of phygital in which

the Rebecca Minkoff brand illustrates the proposal offered to customers to make the most of the store space through a digital approach. play 2. Brand content and user generation content. Content is our strong point, it’s a theme that is close to VP R&D Email Lists our hearts. And we believe that this trend will really take off in a major way. Content created by users themselves, on old and new platforms will play a crucial role. From reels to stories , passing through dear old reviews. Customer photos and contributions will not only be vital for the food and tourism sector, but also for other sectors .


Think of Lego’s UGC campaigns , or GoPro that allows

C Level Executive List

users to upload their videos to a section of the site. 3. Memes: a format always at the top Philosophy essays have been written on memes , conferences, debates and meetings are held, and not only in the field of digital communication. It is a new form of language, daughter of our time. And it will be like this for a long time to come. From those HK Lists on the United States presidential elections , passing through those on the lockdown , we have seen all the colors. But how brands can use them to generate engagement . Taking advantage of the hot topics of the moment and speaking to a target that understands the medium (do you know that the.


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