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A real help for those who have not yet

Stimuli, topics, updated topics.  developed the creative part and are looking for stimuli. Here are three of the most cited by content strategy experts : Google news Answer the public UberSuggest Perhaps the answer has always been in front of you but you have never considered it. In fact, you probably have it in front of you every day. This is the Google search string , that white string that answers all questions. And also this: how to find ideas for the blog.



Just write a search topic and then scroll the results page , or even

Better look in the News section , which collects the most updated news for the topic you have chosen. Answer the public is well known by copywriters and SEO strategy, because starting from a word or keyword linked to a topic it generates an infinite amount of questions Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists perfect for creating conversational article titles for blogs (those that answer questions or seem to be talking to the user, “where to go on vacation in July” or “how to iron shirts”).



Finally we present him, UberSuggest , another great friend

Of SEO strategists and web editors . Founded by Neil Patel , entrepreneur from Seattle and super expert in analysis , anyone who works in digital marketing can’t have ever come across the site that provides a free keyword research and analysis tool , perfect for building an editorial HK Lists plan for the blog and therefore to identify useful ideas for blog content and social content . Come fare content curation When said so far it allows us to introduce another theme: content curation . What is it about.


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